Our Warehouse Capacity

Due to recent expansion Derry Refrigerated Transport has increased its warehouse capacity significantly allowing us to facilitate the increasing demand by customers for short and long term storage solutions. Our facility located at Vicarage road Portadown is accessible on a twenty four hour basis and can provide the following services:

  • Order Picking
  • Ambient, Chilled and Frozen Storage
  • Short and Long Term Storage
  • Cross Docking Facilities

Temperature Controlled Storage

Our multi temp storage facility allows a wide range of products to be stored at our facility on a short or long term basis. Strict temperature controls allow us to maintain product quality and efficiency at all times.

Collect And Store

As we deliver to all distribution centres in Ireland on a daily basis we can arrange for the collection of customer products from customers premises, store them in our warehousing facility and retain responsibility for their delivery at a date and time requested. We can offer full traceability documentation for your product storage as our chilled storage is monitored on a continual basis.


Our facility is protected by a 24 hour security team with a modern CCTV surveillance system and electronic gates which can only be accessed after 8pm by contacting our security team.