It is our responsibility to ensure the safe delivery of your product and the company has strict maintenance procedures in place to ensure that we meet customers expectations.


Every driver has been trained on how to inspect a vehicle and a driver is obliged to inspect their vehicle prior to every departure. Our onsite mechanics are available on a 24/7 basis to carry out any necessary repairs prior to departure thus ensuring delivery times are met.

Our maintenance team carries out thorough "six weekly checks" on every vehicle. This ensures that our fleet is kept moving at the most efficient pace.


Under the terms of our service contract with our tyre provider vehicle tyres are inspected on site three times per week for faults. It also guarantees a one hour turnaround for tyre repairs or replacements in any part of the country.


Our fridge maintenance contract provides that our fridges are inspected for faults three times per week and a service is carried out on each fridge every six weeks. We have an available network of dealers throughout the country who can assist us in the event of breakdown in any part of the country.